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Toyota and Lexus to Adopt North American Charging Standard

Toyota Motor North America, Inc. has taken a significant step towards the electrification of its vehicle lineup by entering into an agreement with Tesla, Inc. that promises to enhance the charging infrastructure for its battery electric vehicles (BEVs). In a groundbreaking move set to commence in 2025, Toyota and Lexus customers will gain unprecedented access to over 12,000 Tesla Superchargers distributed strategically across North America.

This forward-thinking collaboration will usher in a new era for Toyota and Lexus, marking their foray into the electric vehicle market with a clear focus on customer convenience and accessible charging solutions. The linchpin of this endeavor is the adoption of the North American Charging Standard (NACS), which will be seamlessly integrated into select Toyota and Lexus BEVs starting in 2025.

One of the eagerly anticipated additions to Toyota’s electric vehicle lineup is the all-new three-row battery-electric Toyota SUV. This vehicle will not only symbolize a paradigm shift in Toyota’s manufacturing and product offerings but will also serve as a testament to their commitment to sustainability. Manufactured at the esteemed Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky (TMMK), this SUV will not only bear the hallmark of quality associated with the Toyota brand but also offer the convenience of NACS-compatible charging.

In a thoughtful move, Toyota is also catering to existing customers who have embraced electrification by retrofitting certain Toyota and Lexus vehicles already equipped with the Combined Charging System (CCS). These loyal customers will be offered an adapter that bridges the gap, enabling them to access the NACS charging infrastructure. This inclusivity ensures that the transition to electric vehicles is smooth for those who have already invested in the brand.

To support this electrification effort, Toyota is also making significant investments in its manufacturing infrastructure. By 2025, the company’s North Carolina plant will begin producing automotive batteries for electrified vehicles. This strategic move underscores Toyota’s commitment to the production of sustainable and eco-friendly vehicles, as it seeks to create a holistic ecosystem that encompasses both vehicle production and charging infrastructure.

One of the standout features of Toyota’s approach to electrification is its unwavering dedication to delivering a seamless charging experience for its customers. Whether they are at home or in a public setting, Toyota is determined to provide convenience at every step of the charging process. To this end, the company has developed dedicated apps for Toyota and Lexus customers. Through these applications, customers can access an extensive charging network comprising over 84,000 charging ports spread across North America. This network includes both level 2 chargers, which are ideal for home and workplace charging, and DC fast chargers, which enable rapid charging on the go.

The adoption of NACS further amplifies the convenience factor for Toyota and Lexus customers. NACS not only provides access to a wider array of charging options but, crucially, it grants access to DC fast chargers. This means that Toyota and Lexus owners will enjoy the freedom to embark on longer journeys with the confidence of having a robust charging infrastructure at their disposal. With more charging options and faster charging capabilities, the possibilities for electric travel become even more extensive.

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