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Transurban and Plus Join Forces for Level 4 Autonomous Trucking

Transurban, a prominent toll-road operator, has joined forces with Plus, a leading autonomous driving software company, to accelerate the development of automated freight programs in Victoria, Australia. This partnership aims to build upon Transurban’s initial self-driving truck trial, conducted on the CityLink and Monash Freeway in 2022, with the goal of exploring how Plus’s Level 4 autonomous driving technology, in conjunction with intelligent road infrastructure, can enhance safety, efficiency, and sustainability within the country’s freight sector.

The potential impact of self-driving trucks on the freight industry is substantial. These vehicles have the capacity to revolutionize the movement of goods by increasing speed and sustainability. Additionally, their adoption is expected to alleviate traffic congestion, enhance road safety, and address the ongoing shortage of truck drivers.

Transurban has been actively involved in autonomous vehicle testing since 2017 through its Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) testing program. This initiative has successfully conducted 11 trials involving both fully and partially automated vehicles on highways in Australia and North America. These trials have been instrumental in assessing how these vehicles interact with road infrastructure. The 2022 trial marked a significant milestone as it was the first in Australia to test highly automated self-driving trucks in real-world traffic conditions on public motorways.

The collaboration with Plus will leverage the company’s advanced autonomous driving software and extensive global experience in commercial deployment to jointly develop self-driving trucks for the European market. Plus autonomous driving software relies on cutting-edge technologies such as generative AI, machine learning, computer vision, and other sophisticated algorithms. These technologies enable vehicles to achieve a level of awareness and control that surpasses human capabilities.

Scott Charlton, CEO of Transurban, emphasized the partnership’s potential to revolutionize freight transportation, including reducing congestion, improving road safety, and enhancing traffic flow. He expressed, “The dawn of automated transport technologies is poised to revolutionize the very essence of how we transport goods within urban landscapes. With critical links connecting ports and crucial freight hubs, our road infrastructure presents an optimal canvas for ushering in this groundbreaking technology.”

Shawn Kerrigan, co-founder and COO of Plus, highlighted the transformative impact of autonomous driving solutions on transportation, including improvements in safety, efficiency, and sustainability. He expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration with Transurban, aiming to take autonomous trucking development in Australia to the next level.

The partnership between Transurban and Plus is poised to reshape the freight industry in Australia and beyond. Self-driving trucks hold the promise of more efficient and sustainable freight transportation, offering numerous benefits to society. This includes reduced traffic congestion, improved road safety, and addressing the persistent shortage of truck drivers.

As autonomous driving technology advances and gains broader acceptance, it has the potential to revolutionize transportation in urban environments. Transurban’s commitment to exploring these innovations aligns with the evolving needs of the modern world, where sustainable and efficient freight transportation is vital for economic growth and environmental preservation.

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