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XPENG Unveils the X9

XPeng Inc. has unveiled its latest addition to the electric vehicle market with the XPENG X9 Large 7-seater MPV, showcased at Auto Guangzhou 2023. This cutting-edge model caters to the discerning Chinese market, offering a spacious cabin design that includes a remarkable 180mm-wide central aisle. This feature allows adults to move freely between the second and third rows, enhancing passenger convenience.

The XPENG X9 introduces a novel seating arrangement with 1100 mm-long electric slide rails, facilitating easy adjustment of the second-row seats. The cabin height of 1315mm further contributes to a comfortable and open interior atmosphere. Noteworthy is the hidden cargo space, providing a substantial maximum storage capacity of 2554L, factoring in luggage space for all occupants.

In response to evolving family dynamics, XPENG has integrated a smart cockpit tailored for shared experiences. The vehicle boasts a central panel complemented by a sizable 21.4″ entertainment screen, designed to meet the diverse infotainment needs of families on the go.

The XPENG X9 prioritizes passenger comfort with its innovative X Free breath ventilation system. Additionally, it introduces the world’s first wrap-around central air conditioning system that delivers a quiet and gentle breeze. The vehicle goes a step further with a smart built-in fridge, offering temperature adjustment from 0-50℃.

Mr. He Xiaopeng, Chairman and CEO of XPENG, expressed the company’s commitment to innovation in the competitive new energy vehicle (NEV) market. He emphasized XPENG’s dedication to delivering next-generation Smart EV experiences through their in-house technology development, smart manufacturing processes, and a comprehensive sales and service network. The XPENG X9 exemplifies a fusion of industry-leading smart EV technology and state-of-the-art design craftsmanship, catering to the increasingly individualized needs of consumers in the ever-evolving automotive landscape.

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